Autism Speaks at IMFAR 2011

Autism Speaks was a sponsor of the 2011 International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR). IMFAR is an annual scientific meeting to exchange and disseminate new scientific progress among ASD researchers. The meeting aims promote exchange and dissemination of the latest scientific findings and to stimulate research progress in understanding the nature, causes, and treatments for ASD.

Tiffany Torigoe (AGRE Senior Recruitment Research Manager) reports on exciting findings presented at this year's conference.

Alex Plank of Wrong Planet conducted some really informative interviews with key Autism Speaks science personnel. 

He sat down with Clara Lajonchere, Vice President of Clinical Programs, to discuss the various programs she oversees, including AGRE:

AS Science Board member John Elder Robison discusses the IMFAR technology demonstration:

Geraldine Dawson, AS Chief Science Officer, presented the Autism Speaks strategic plan on the second day of IMFAR. She took time to talk to Alex about some current studies the organization is funding:


Official press conference: scientists discuss key studies presented during IMFAR.

 Peter Bell, Executive Vice President of Programs and Services at Autism Speaks, discussing adults with autism.

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